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Welcome! We’re 7th Beat Games, an indie game developer that specializes in rhythm games. We’ve released two commercial games: A Dance of Fire and Ice (2019) and Rhythm Doctor (2021).

Company History

Two college friends, Hafiz Azman and Winston Lee, learnt game development solely driven by one game idea, while studying Engineering and Actuarial Science at the University of Cambridge. At the time the game designer had been finishing his Diploma in Music programme, and the idea was of a game that would be able to teach complex music theory concepts invisibly. They released a browser demo of 'Rhythm Doctor' online, and won a Student IGF nomination for it in 2014. Attending GDC as part of the nomination that year was the first time they had set foot in the US.

At GDC, they met Giacomo Preciado, a programmer from Peru, and he joined as 7th Beat Games' third member. While finishing Rhythm Doctor, they also released another game, 'A Dance of Fire and Ice' in 2019, in collaboration with artist Kyle Labriola and musician Jade Kim. Today they also work with programmer Jose Cahuana, and thanks to a community-run Discord server started by fans Okamii and Shaun, the team was introduced to many new talented community members. They are now helping the team improve the game, with some members joining the team officially to contribute new content.

In 2021, Rhythm Doctor was released onto Steam Early Access. The game was met with overwhelmingly positive response from players. As the team has continued to add content to both A Dance of Fire and Ice and Rhythm Doctor, it has continued to grow in size. In 2022, the team released a paid DLC expansion to A Dance of Fire and Ice titled Neo Cosmos.


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